Food Love by Might Be Vegan is a national, direct-to-door hunger relief effort providing families in need with nutritious, plant-based food at no cost to them, to strengthen health outcomes and work towards greater food justice in the U.S.


The program has a strong focus on BIPOC and other historically marginalized communities.

how it works...

​Our community advocates identify individuals and families in their area who are experiencing food insecurity.


They request support for these families using our secure system, and then our team of volunteers matches them with one of our partner brands to handle food orders and manage deliveries.

Our food delivery partners then pay the cost of food and shipping. 

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why plant-based foods?

faq for advocates

As of 2021, we are serving families in 48 states and Washington, DC. Our families are referred from licensed social and caseworkers around the country. 

If you are a licensed social or caseworker, please see the FAQ below for more information

Are you still serving families?

As of June 1, 2021, we will cease serving families until Food Love finds a new home and support system to maintain those in need. Thanks for your patience.

What areas do you serve?

We serve families within the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C.

How much does it cost?

Thanks to our partners and individual contributors, there is no cost to you or your clients.

Where will the food come from? Which brand partner will match with the client?

We currently have brand partners committed to donating meals both locally and nationally via FedEx. We first identify local opportunities and then expand to national if we are unable to match a local partner. Some of our partners include Splendid Spoon and Boycemode. The type of food you will receive will depend on the brand you are matched with. Please refer to partner websites for more about their selection of food.

How long will it take to get matched and have food delivered?

We are matching people as quickly as possible. The length of time to match depends on the number of people on the list at the time you sign up, the size of the family, and the location. Families who open and respond to emails are served the quickest.

How will I know if my client has been matched with a brand?

Once your client has been matched with a brand, they will receive an email from foodlove [at] That brand is then responsible for contacting the client directly to provide details about the pending delivery.

How will I know when the shipment is on the way?

Once your client has been matched with a brand, they will receive an email from foodlove [at] That brand is then responsible for contacting the client directly to provide details about the delivery and shipment.

How many of my clients can I add to the list?

You can submit as many clients as you’d like. But each family can be submitted only once.

Who qualifies for this service?

Families or individuals experiencing food insecurity that is due to unemployment or underemployment. We also serve people who are homebound and food insecure, which is typically due to their living in food apartheid.

How many deliveries will my client receive?

At this time, those who submit requests receive service one time; depending on the family size, they may receive more than one delivery.

Can individuals sign themselves up?

No. Social or caseworkers need to sign up their clients.

If I'm not a licensed social or caseworker, can I sign up families?


Are your meals allergen-friendly?

We do accommodate most allergies. Please make sure you note allergies when submitting your information. All food is plant-based (no meat, no dairy).

Can you accommodate Spanish-speaking households?

Our emails are currently in English. However, we can text in Spanish. Please let us know in the Delivery Notes section if a family is Spanish-speaking only.

Are you able to accommodate dietary restrictions?

We are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions. Please make sure you note your restrictions when submitting your information.

Are you able to make special accommodations for our homeless population?

This program is geared for the housing insecure.

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