Might Be Vegan is...

a hub for liberation-focused content and production with themes that include plant-based eating and living, social justice and activism, climate change awareness, and the like. 

We partner with leading brands and production companies that share these values to develop content and experiences that inspire change and leave people hungry for the next thing, sometimes literally and figuratively.

Barnes, FL - Organizing Boxes.jpg
Barnes, FL - Organizing Boxes.jpg

we are led by...

Kimberly Renee: an advocate for social justice.

A wannabe hacker.  A weekend karaoke singer.

A serial entrepreneur.  An actor. A speaker.

A kitchen adventurer.


One thing that can’t be said about Kimberly is that she’s one dimensional.

we create...

  • Stories that drive meaningful change

  • Experiences that elevate and engage


what's cooking...

Each year, we focus on one major effort.

For 2022-2023, we are focused on delivering interactive learning experiences with a focus on the African diaspora.